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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: NewIndexModifier - - - DeletingIndexWriter
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 13:03:02 GMT

I like the name BufferedDeletingIndexWriter best so far.

Chris Hostetter wrote:

 > from an API standpoint, it seems like this could easily replace the
 > current IndexModifier (which would have the nice side effect of
 > resolving the issue of wether the name NewIndexModifier is good
 > enough) assuming the semantics of the classes/methdos are the same
 > -- i'm not sure if they are.

The one method missing vs IndexModifier, which prevents this being a
drop in replacement, is deleteDocument(int docNum).  This specific
issue was discussed here:

and I would tend to agree with that logic (exposing a
deleteDocument(int docNum) is dangerous), meaning we can't drop in
replace the current IndexModifier.  Maybe we could deprecate the
existing IndexModifier?

 > skimming hte history of LUCENE-565 it's not clear to me why this was
 > implemented as a new class with the name NewIndexModifier ... was
 > that just how it evolved organicly?

Well, the patch started life as direct improvements to
IndexWriter.  But people were concerned w/ that approach and suggested
enabling sub-classing of IndexWriter instead, which lead to the
current NewIndexModifier class.

Long-ish term I think we should aim for one reader class (IndexReader)
that you use to do read-only things and one writer class
(NewIndexModifier being closest to this now) to make changes (adds,
deletes, optimize, etc.) to an index.


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