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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: The based sort order is different between lucene 1.3 and lucene 2
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2006 02:23:17 GMT

: use in my search code. The sort order of the recovered documents during
: search has been modified.
: I use the following method to search :
: query, HitCollector results);
: The method "collect" of my "HitsCollector" didn't changed.

there is no sort involved in that method -- the HitCollector API has never
(to my knowledge) made any claims towards any particular sequence that the
documents will be "collected" ... I don't know about Lucene 1.3, but in
1.4.3 they came n non-deterministic order ... I beleive that in 1.9 nad
2.0 the docs are collected in increasing doc id sequence -- but i don't
know that that will be garunteed moving forward.

: The scores of the documents are the same with lucene 1 and lucene 2.
: Any ideas about this difference of the sort order ?

Even if you were sorting by score, if two documents have the exct same
score, the order of those two documents might be swaped.


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