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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: ThirdParty Jars in GData
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 08:29:20 GMT
First it is / would be possible to just replace all the wireing
descriptors to spring configurations as the most ( all?!) of the IoC
DI containers use external descriptors. There is a central point ( the
servlet) where a single direct reference to hivemind will be hard
coded just to access the first reference to the hivemind managed
modules. Every servlet in the container is a subtype of an Basic
abstract servlet class which has a abstract method to obtain the first
reference. If you wanna switch to another IoC container the
replacement of the servlet in the web.xml file should be sufficient.
All the external jar / libs like the caucho WS impl. are also
integrated in Spring (not sure about pico but it won't be a problem).
So except of the meta data work people would have to do it is just a
replacement e.g reimplementation of a single method.

Instead of Registry.getService() it would be ApplicationContext.getBean()

is it that what you are alluding to?

Yesterday I checked out the ASF third party licensing policy...
The lists below declare which licenses are authorized and which
licenses are excluded from applying to any part of a product
distributed by an ASF PMC.
    * Apache License 2.0
    * ASL 1.1
    * BSD
    * MIT/X11
    * NCSA
    * W3C Software license
    * X.Net
    * zlib/libpng

Binary only:
    * CDDL 1.0
    * CPL 1.0
    * EPL 1.0
    * IPL 1.0
    * MPL 1.0 and MPL 1.1
    * SPL 1.0

So hivemind (requieres some other jars like javaassist it MPL and
apache oro is ASF) is ASF, Easymock is MIT, the caucho Hessian WS is

So keep on downloading these libs for a build but it won't be a
problem to include these distributions inside a gdata distribution.

best regards Simon

On 11/9/06, peter royal <> wrote:
> On Nov 8, 2006, at 11:43 AM, Simon Willnauer wrote:
> > That's why I evaluated some IoC DI container like spring, hivemind,
> > pico and Felix (Apache OSGi). Hivemind felt good to me due to some
> > reasons (some more on this later @siren I will send a separate email
> > on this topic).
> would it be possible to fashion the GData server such that it is a
> set of POJO's (one logical module), and then there is another logical
> module that wires them up in a usable fashion using Hivemind (another
> logical module). That way if someone wanted to use pico/spring/
> whatever, they could, since the core components are container-
> independent.
> since HiveMind services are POJO's, this should be possible, as long
> as no hivemind magic is required for the system to function.
> -pete
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