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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: lock-less commits data no longer in FileFormats document
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 18:44:35 GMT

: But I first searched the FileFormats document - as far as I can tell the
: lock-less commit data is no longer in this document - not in the trunk, nor
: in the updated Web site. I understand that Web site currently reflects the
: last release 2.0, but I thought the trunk should have it.

this is part of what i was worrried about back when i suggested that the
default docs on the site reflect the "trunk" of the code (or the nightly
builds at least) ... there is no clean place for for the "code trunk"
documentation to live

More then likely the specific changes you asked about were overlooked when
porting from the old style xdocs directory to the new forrest directory
structure ... but even if they weren't how should these changes be
managed? ... the "site trunk" of the needs to be what is published to
the webserver, so that things like the news, and list of committers can be
updated on a regular basis ... but how do we reconcile that with the face
that we want docs like fileformats and query syntax to be "static" with
the last release?

I still maintain that the cleanest way to handle things is to say that the
"default" site represent the latest greatest documentation -- javadocs and
forrest generated docs as of hte last nightly build -- with links to the
"snapshots" of the site for the last N releases using URLs that make it
clear which release they point at, so...

...would be whatever the trunk of that doc says today, but...

...would be that document as it existed in the 2.0 release.


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