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From peter royal <>
Subject Re: ThirdParty Jars in GData
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 02:05:24 GMT
On Nov 8, 2006, at 11:43 AM, Simon Willnauer wrote:
> That's why I evaluated some IoC DI container like spring, hivemind,
> pico and Felix (Apache OSGi). Hivemind felt good to me due to some
> reasons (some more on this later @siren I will send a separate email
> on this topic).

would it be possible to fashion the GData server such that it is a  
set of POJO's (one logical module), and then there is another logical  
module that wires them up in a usable fashion using Hivemind (another  
logical module). That way if someone wanted to use pico/spring/ 
whatever, they could, since the core components are container- 

since HiveMind services are POJO's, this should be possible, as long  
as no hivemind magic is required for the system to function.


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