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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: Dynamically varying maxBufferedDocs
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 22:16:25 GMT
Michael Busch wrote on 11/09/2006 09:56 AM:
>> This sounds good.  Michael, I'd love to see your patch,
>> Chuck
> Ok, I'll probably need a few days before I can submit it (have to code
> unit tests and check if it compiles with the current head), because
> I'm quite busy with other stuff right now. But you will get it soon :-)

I've just written my patch and will submit it too once it is fully
tested.  I took this approach:

   1. Add sizeInBytes() to RAMDirectory
   2. Make flushRamSegments() plus new numRamDocs() and ramSizeInBytes()
      public in IndexWriter

This does not provide the facility in IndexWriter, but it does provide a
nice api to manage this externally.  I didn't do it in IndexWriter for
two reasons:

   1. I use ParallelWriter, which has to manage this differently
   2. There is no general mechanism in lucene to size documents.  I use
      have an interface for my readers in reader-valued fields to
      support this.

In general, there are things the application knows that lucene doesn't
know that help to manage the size bounds


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