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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Hibernate Lucene trademark issues
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:23:15 GMT
Here's my understanding.  Lucene is a trademark of Apache.  In the 
context of search technology, Lucene should only be used to refer to 
Apache Lucene, and that must be unambiguous.  Thus if there's a chance 
that someone might think you're talking about "JBoss Lucene" then you 
must make it clear that you're really referring to Apache's Lucene.

Apache's Trademark policy isn't totally spelled out, but there's been a 
proposal to follow Eclipse's guidelines:

Under these guidelines, a product named "Hibernate Lucene" would not be 
permitted, but "Hibernate for Lucene" would.


Emmanuel Bernard wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm Emmanuel Bernard from JBoss.
> I'm the current lead developer of the Hibernate Lucene integration module.
> The goal of this project is to facilitate the integration of a search 
> capability to Hibernate based applications. And guess what, I use Lucene 
> ;-)
> I realized this week end that the 'Hibernate Lucene' name might infringe 
> the Apache Lucene trademark policy.
> seems to state that Lucene is a 
> trademark of the Apache Software Foundation (nice golf shirt BTW)
> But I wasn't able to find any document explaining the fair use of the 
> Lucene brand (the license as well as the notice seem to be silent on 
> this subject).
> Even if Lucene in not trademarked, what do you consider a fair use of 
> your brand? I'm happy to rename my project, I guess the initial choice 
> was more a tribute to your project than anything else.
> Emmanuel
> PS: please forward this email to the appropriate persons if this is not 
> the case already (PMC or whatever)
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