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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: jira workflow
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 20:29:17 GMT

: BTW, I added new fields to Lucene for "New" issues and "Patch
: Available".  This is much lighter-weight than switching the workflow,
: although it doesn't seem to appear on all the screens yet.  Perhaps it
: just takes a while...

Ah-HA! ... very cool.

FYI: if you click the "Configure your Issue Navigator" on the listing
pages, look for "Lucene Fields" in the "Add New Column" pulldown and you
can get these to start showing up in your listing pages (browsing project,
and seraching issues)

Checkboxes for these in the "Custom Fields" section at the bottom of the
left nav on the "Find" page if you pick "Lucene - Java" as the project.

Doug: one other thing i noticed when adding the "Lucene Fields" column on
the Customize page, is a field named "Patch Info" in the default column
list with the small label: "(Marks an issue that has an attached patch)"
... this seems to be something built in to Jira by default, but doesn't
show up even though it's turned on, and in the 'sample' on the Configure
page it doesn't have any info about the existing attachments for the
issues displayed.

Does Jira have some specific notion of "Patch" that Apache has turned off?
(relying instead on generic atachment functionality?)


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