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From "J.Zhu" <>
Subject RE: wrong BM25 implementation in Lucene
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 09:40:23 GMT

Univ. of Amsterdam has provided a downloadable version of a language
modelling version of Lucene. Their language model is not BM25 but is
quite similar in nature. The version is at:

I have worked on their version a bit, they have created new classes:
TermQueryLanguageModel, TermScorerLanguageModel,
IndexSearcherLanguageModel, LanguageModelIndexReader etc. I think their
work can be useful to you.

If you have a successful implementation of BM25, would you be happy to
share with us?


-----Original Message-----
From: beatriz ramos [] 
Sent: 25 October 2006 16:01
To: java-dev
Subject: wrong BM25 implementation in Lucene

Hello, this is BM25 algorithm I implement in Lucene.

it doen't work because I have compaired my results with the results of
MG4J (with the same documents set)

I don't know if I have a wrong formule or there are another mistake

Could you help me ?


public class BM25Scorer extends Scorer {

    private final static double EPSILON_SCORE = 1.000000082240371E-9;
    private final static double DEFAULT_K1 = 0.75d;
    private final static double DEFAULT_B = 0.95d;
    private double b = DEFAULT_B;
    private double k1 = DEFAULT_K1;

    private IndexReader reader;
    private Term term;
    private Hits hits;
    private int position;   // document position in hits
    private IndexSearcher searcher;

    private int cooc = 0;    // How many times a term appears in the
    private float idf;

    public float score() throws IOException {
        TermFreqVector tfv = reader.getTermFreqVector(,
term.field() );

        String[] terms = tfv.getTerms();
        int[] freqs = tfv.getTermFrequencies();
        for (int i = 0 ; i < terms.length ; i++) {
            if( terms[i].equalsIgnoreCase(term.text()) ){
                cooc = freqs[i];

        idf = searcher.getSimilarity().idf(term, searcher);

        Document document = (Document)hits.doc(position);
        String[] values = document.getValues("DOCUMENT_LENGTH");  //
document length is a field of my index

        long docLength = Long.valueOf(values[0]).longValue();  //
document lenght (number of words)
        long averageLength = 200;

        double loga =  Math.max( EPSILON_SCORE, new Float(idf
        double score = ( loga * (k1 + 1) * cooc ) / (cooc + k1*( (1-b) +
(b*docLength/averageLength) ) );

        return new Float(score).floatValue();

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