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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: jira workflow
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 18:19:35 GMT
Is it explicitly stated anywhere what the workflow is/should be?


On Oct 17, 2006, at 1:51 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Steven Parkes wrote:
>> Is there sufficient interest to consider this for Lucene Java? (I'd
>> write "any interest", but since I'm interested, there's at least  
>> some.)
> +1
> If there is agreement, I can gladly change Lucene Java to use  
> Hadoop's Jira workflow.
>> The other thing I was thinking of was the case where we say "if  
>> you're
>> working on something, go ahead and submit a patch even if it's not
>> polished or you aren't sure you want it to be a candidate for the  
>> trunk.
>> Let others look at it." I think that's clearly a good thing to  
>> have, but
>> I wonder what the best way to handle it in Jira is. What state  
>> should be
>> used?
> Good question.  I think either "Open" or "In Progress" are  
> appropriate here.  "Patch Available" is reserved for issues whose  
> patch is ready for review, and, hopefully commit.  If an issue is  
> assigned to a contributor then it should have an "In Progress"  
> status when early versions of a patch are posted.  If it is  
> unassigned, and has only a trial-balloon patch, then "Open" is  
> appropriate, no?
>> There are quite a few open issues in Jira. Makes me a little
>> uncomfortable, since in my experience, when you get really long  
>> lists of
>> issues that are not addressed, the effectiveness of an issue tracking
>> system seems to drop dramatically. Anybody else think this? I've got
>> time to contribute to cleanup if there's sufficient interest.
> If you'd like, and no one objects, I can give you permission to  
> modify issues.
> Jira has a lot of features that can help keep organize work.   
> Generally, open issues that a contributor intends to fix in the  
> near term should be assigned to them and have a defined "Fix  
> Version".  Other issues should not be assigned and should not have  
> a "Fix Version". So when folks browse Jira they can see what's  
> destined for the next few releases (the "Road Map"), and what  
> issues are waiting for a contributor (the "unscheduled" list).   
> Folks can vote on issues, and contributors can (if they wish)  
> assign themselves popular issues.
> Note that contributors can have bugs assigned to them even if  
> they're not committers.  All that's required is that the  
> contributor be a member of the hadoop-developers group in Jira.  If  
> a contributor would like to become a member of this group then they  
> should ask on this list and, barring objections, I will add them.
> Doug
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