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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: jira workflow
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:50:49 GMT
Steven Parkes wrote:
> 	Just because you've gotten back doesn't mean the issue is gone.
> No, just clarifying whose court the ball is in.

To make progress, an issue needs an advocate.  If no one cares about it, 
it will languish.  If the advocate is not capable of doing the work 
themselves then they must somehow motivate someone else to act as their 
proxy, by convincing them that the issue has merit or by paying them. 
If progress on an issue is not apparent to someone who cares then they 
should politely enquire.

This is different from a supported software model, where every customer 
issue must be resolved.  The customer pays for that service.  But here 
we can have many requests that are not backed with resources.  That 
doesn't make them unreasonable requests.

The best way to tell whether a request is backed with resources is if it 
is assigned and scheduled.  If it isn't, then one should assume it does 
not yet have resources.

BTW, I added new fields to Lucene for "New" issues and "Patch 
Available".  This is much lighter-weight than switching the workflow, 
although it doesn't seem to appear on all the screens yet.  Perhaps it 
just takes a while...


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