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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: jira workflow
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:58:46 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:
> Perhaps we should have two new statuses: "rough patch available" and
> "polished patch available" ?
> The other thing i would like to see tracked better is the distinction
> between issues that unit tests attached and issues that do not ... this is
> somewhat orthoginal to patch availablity ... sometimes people submit
> patches containing new functionality without writing unit tests for it,
> othertimes people identify bugs and suply tests deomonstrating the bug
> without being able to suggest a patch to fix the problem -- both of these
> cases should be distinguishable from what i would consider as "vauge" bug
> reports or feature requests that describe a problem (or feature) without
> any concrete demonstration of the issue.

"Patch Available" is shorthand for, "Patch that is thought to be ready 
for commit, properly formatted, great javadoc, includes unit tests, 
etc.".  The point of this status is to give committers a single place to 
look to review patches and either commit them or explain why they're not 
yet ready for commit.  The list of issues in this state should generally 
remain very small.


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