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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: jira workflow
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:51:32 GMT
Steven Parkes wrote:
> Is there sufficient interest to consider this for Lucene Java? (I'd
> write "any interest", but since I'm interested, there's at least some.)


If there is agreement, I can gladly change Lucene Java to use Hadoop's 
Jira workflow.

> The other thing I was thinking of was the case where we say "if you're
> working on something, go ahead and submit a patch even if it's not
> polished or you aren't sure you want it to be a candidate for the trunk.
> Let others look at it." I think that's clearly a good thing to have, but
> I wonder what the best way to handle it in Jira is. What state should be
> used?

Good question.  I think either "Open" or "In Progress" are appropriate 
here.  "Patch Available" is reserved for issues whose patch is ready for 
review, and, hopefully commit.  If an issue is assigned to a contributor 
then it should have an "In Progress" status when early versions of a 
patch are posted.  If it is unassigned, and has only a trial-balloon 
patch, then "Open" is appropriate, no?

> There are quite a few open issues in Jira. Makes me a little
> uncomfortable, since in my experience, when you get really long lists of
> issues that are not addressed, the effectiveness of an issue tracking
> system seems to drop dramatically. Anybody else think this? I've got
> time to contribute to cleanup if there's sufficient interest.

If you'd like, and no one objects, I can give you permission to modify 

Jira has a lot of features that can help keep organize work.  Generally, 
open issues that a contributor intends to fix in the near term should be 
assigned to them and have a defined "Fix Version".  Other issues should 
not be assigned and should not have a "Fix Version". So when folks 
browse Jira they can see what's destined for the next few releases (the 
"Road Map"), and what issues are waiting for a contributor (the 
"unscheduled" list).  Folks can vote on issues, and contributors can (if 
they wish) assign themselves popular issues.

Note that contributors can have bugs assigned to them even if they're 
not committers.  All that's required is that the contributor be a member 
of the hadoop-developers group in Jira.  If a contributor would like to 
become a member of this group then they should ask on this list and, 
barring objections, I will add them.


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