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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Upgrading 1.4 to 2.0 - Indexing Issue.
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 22:14:37 GMT
> I have updated my doc.add() to use Store.YES...

So I understand this did not help.

> I am currently searching for "test" which makes 'search' = "test*'.  Also
> do not remember the exact string for 'searchText' but it did start with
> "test" in one occurrence.

> I can use the debugger (and step through the index process) and see that
> there is at least one occurence where a 'searchText' is added which
> "test".  The problem though is that this one is not in the results when
> searching.  Mean that I have found that these values are indexed (as far
> I know - indexWriter adds it), but when searching against them, they are
> coming up in the search.

I am not aware of differences with prefix queries that could cause this,
perhaps others in the list (btw this seems more like a 'user list' issue
than a 'dev list' issue) have an idea.

... mmm ... just a thought - after changing to Store.YES, did you start the
"test" from scratch, or did you continue to use an existing index> Because
if your application has the logic of updating an index by searching for a
document, then modifying the document found at search (e.g. adding a
field), then adding the modified document to the index - this would not
work if that document was already added to the index with Store.NO. Just a

Otherwise I can think of 3 ways to proceed:

1) use Luke to examine the content of the index. See what tokens are there
really in the index: is the document in question listed for the tokens you
expect it to be listed?

2) print the query before the search that fails to find that document: does
it contain the tokens you expect it to? Do they match with what you saw
with Luke?

3) provide here a short and simple stand-alone program that demonstrates
the problem. My experience is that I often learn more on the problem (and
on Lucene) from just trying to reproduce the problem in an isolated manner.

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