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From Paul Elschot <>
Subject Re: After kill -9 index was corrupt
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 07:15:24 GMT
On Monday 11 September 2006 02:24, Chuck Williams wrote:
> Hi All,
> An application of ours under development had a memory link that caused
> it to slow interminably.  On linux, the application did not response to
> kill -15 in a reasonable time, so kill -9 was used to forcibly terminate
> it.  After this the segments file contained a reference to a segment
> whose index files were not present.  I.e., the index was corrupt and
> Lucene could not open it.
> A thread dump at the time of the kill -9 shows that Lucene was merging
> segments inside IndexWriter.close().  Since segment merging only commits
> (updates the segments file) after the newly merged segment(s) are
> complete, I expect this is not the actual problem.
> Could a kill -9 prevent data from reaching disk for files that were
> previously closed?  If so, then Lucene's index can become corrupt after
> kill -9.  In this case, it is possible that a prior merge created new
> segment index files, updated the segments file, closed everything, the
> segments file made it to disk, but the index data files and/or their
> directory entries did not.
> If this is the case, it seems to me that flush() and
> FileDescriptor.sync() are required on each index file prior to close()
> to guarantee no corruption.  Additionally a FileDescriptor.sync() is
> also probably required on the index directory to ensure the directory
> entries have been persisted.

Shouldn't the sync be done after closing the files? I'm using sync in a
(un*x) shell script after merges before backups. I'd prefer to have some
more of this syncing built into Lucene because the shell sync syncs all
disks which might be more than needed. So far I've had no problems,
so there was no need to investigate further.

Paul Elschot

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