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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: About Feeds in GDataServer
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 05:57:31 GMT
On 8/16/06, Marcos C├ęsar de Oliveira <> wrote:
> 2006/8/15, Simon Willnauer <>:
> > > Yes. May I have a feed with the class Feed and put any subclass of Feed
> in
> > > it?
> > You mean as an entry?
> In fact, I want to put in the feed any object whose class is a subclass of
> the entry-class configured in gdata-config.xml for the service.
> >
> > I see!! First, this is the calendar api which is a bit different and
> > has adifferent licence. Second, thats a nice feature I will add it to
> > the future tasks. If you wanna use such a feature  you can just create
> > a new feed for each of the entries and put a link into the entry that
> > would lead to a different url but it works as a workarround.
> >
> > I will definately add this feature in the future!
> Is it possible to delegate to the storage as a workaround? I can use xpath
> in the object model to solve this.
There are many possibilities to do this, I could also implement a
visitor pattern to give users a kind of hook to redirect the request
internally, whats about that?
You also could overwrite the GDataService class and provide it via a
custom impl. to handle such insert requests. I will add an example of
custom impl. which goes more in depth to the wiki.
> > You can configure any subclass of BaseEntry in the gdata-config.xml!
> > Is the wiki saying something different? If yes could you point out
> > where so I can change it?!
> OK. My scenario is:
> - In the gdata-config.xml the configured entry-class is, say,
> for the service;
> - The client sends a POST to the service with a xml representation of a
> object where it's class is a subclass of;
> - The service receives the xml and reconstrucs the object, as it have the
> extension configured properly.
> (an axis web service works that way)

If and only if you prepare your configured extensionprofile properly
to meet your suites that is gonna work. If you configure a entry
class, each extensionprofile instance in the server for this
particular service is passed to the declareExtension method before
using it for parsing or generating rss or atom. so if you create a
custom one which has all extensions you should be fine with that.
> > > OK, but the implementation of Extension interface, in class Where for
> > > instance, is very tedious, a tool for this will be very helpful, for
> sure.
> >
> > I agree but that is out of scope of the server project at the moment.
> Perhaps I create this also.

Good stuff!
> Thanks,
> Marcos Cesar

regards Simon
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