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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: GData-Server: SoC almost finished, server almost done so far....
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 10:45:47 GMT
On 8/8/06, Chris Hostetter <> wrote:
> : > Things under contrib have entries here:
> : >
> : >
> : Fine, so I can add the gdata server to the sandbox html file or is
> : that generated somewhere?
> The source files for the Java Lucene website are in in the same subversion
> project as the source code (and unless i'm mistaken, the entire site is
> included in all releases).  The directories you want to look at are...
> ...patches to those directories can be submited just like patches to
> anything else in the repository.
Hey Hoss, I just read the README file in the site directory 2 min ago
;) but thanks for that hint!

> In my opinion, the best place to start would be with some pages in the
> wiki ... that way you can get faster feedback/copy-editing from
> the community as a whole.
> Anyone who knows me well knows that i generally loath wikis -- in my
> opinion writing documentation in HTML isn't that hard, and if it seems
> hard, you're trying to put "fancy shit" in your documentation and you
> shouldn't do that -- in my day job, i encourage everyone to put all
> documentation in HTML in CVS; but working on OSS projects like Lucene with
> a large user pase has made me realize how valuable the Wiki editing model
> can be in developing documentation (i just wish the wiki editing *syntax*
> were html)
I agree with you, I would love to do all the stuff in plain html which
is much more familiar to all of use than checking out the wiki syntax
which is more or less slightly different for each wiki. Well from my
point of view a wiki documentation is the best thing now to get a
basic howto on the web as I don't have to much time to do it. There
will be much more time after SoC when I'm back from Iceland.  But a
doc folder in the gdata svn rep. seems a good idea.

regards Simon
> Start with Wiki pages, for everything, once you've got some docs fleshed
> out that seem like they should be "formal documentation" then you can
> promote them into more official (commited, built, released) XHTML
> documentation.
> -Hoss

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