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From robert engels <>
Subject Re: Lock-less commits
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:01:35 GMT
Also, the commit lock is there to allow the merge process to remove  
unused segments. Without it, a reader might get half way through  
reading the segments, only to find some missing, and then have to  
restart reading again. In a highly interactive environment this would  
be too inefficient.

On Aug 18, 2006, at 3:52 PM, Michael McCandless wrote:

>> i don't think these changes are going to work. With multiple  
>> writers and or readers doing deletes, without serializing the  
>> writes you will  have inconsistencies - and the del files will  
>> need to be unioned.
>> That is:
>> station A opens the index
>> station B opens the index
>> station A deletes some documents creating segment.del1
>> station B deletes some documents creating segment.del2
>> when station C opens the index (or when the segment is merged)  
>> del1 and del2 need to be merged.
>> The locking enforces that writers are serialized - you cannot  
>> remove this restriction unless you merge the writes when reading.
> Sorry, I should be very clear: I am not proposing we remove the write
> lock.  The write lock must definitely remain (for the reasons /
> examples you list above).  Only one writer can be open at a time
> against the index.
> The commit lock, which is used to ensure that when an IndexReader
> opens the index, no writer is changing it at that moment (and v/v), is
> I think the more problematic of the two.
> The reason is, the write lock is really a safety net: it's up to you
> to use Lucene in such a way that you never try to create two writers
> at the same time.  You can use IndexModifier.  Or you can do your own
> switching between IndexReader/IndexWriter.  Or you can use the patch
> in LUCENE-565 so that IndexWriter is able to delete documents.  But in
> all these cases, the write lock is really just a safety net: it
> catches you if you accidentally violate this constraint and then you
> go and fix your code accordingly.  You would typically catch this in
> development / testing because it's a coding / design error.
> The commit lock is more troublesome because it really serves an active
> purpose in typical Lucene apps when there's otherwise no app level
> logic to synchronize opening an IndexReader vs when a writer is
> committing.  The writers can commit whenever they want to (well
> IndexWriter at least).  And an IndexReader initialization is often
> unpredictable (whenever you restart you App server instance, etc.).
> So the timing of these events does require active serialization as
> things stands now.
> Because of this, an index stored on a remote store (eg, NFS, Samba),
> where our current locking implementation is known [silently] not to
> work, will eventually cause an errant FileNotFound or an Access Denied
> exception.  And this is insidious because it may work fine during
> initial development and testing only to strike after some time in
> production.  This is why I'd like to change commits to not require
> locking at all (by never re-using the same file name), while keeping
> the write locking.
> Mike
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