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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: Gdata - opening/closing index
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 20:58:53 GMT
I was wondering how the solr server does handle updates to the index.
I have to deal with inserts, deletes and updates in no specific order.
So to delete and insert an entry is no problem as the ids are unique
but for updateing a specific document in the index I have to close and
reopen the index writer. In the worst case I have to do that for each
document (if they are only updates). I could tread the update as a
insert and delete the old file via a timestamp but that might have
some I'll call it recovery overhead if for instance the server crashes
during indexing.

I'm just curious how solr or nutch solves this problem, if you have
these problems at all.

regards Simon

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