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From robert engels <>
Subject MultiSegmentQueryFilter enhancement for interactive indexes?
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 05:32:54 GMT
I thought of a possible enhancement - before I go down the road, I am  
looking for some input form the community?

Currently, the QueryFilter caches the bits base upon the IndexReader.

The problem with this is small incremental changes to the index  
invalidate the cache.

What if instead the filter determined that the underlying IndexReader  
was a MultiReader and then maintained a bitset for each reader,  
combining them in bits() when requested. The filter could check if  
any of the underlying readers were the different (removed or added)  
and then just create a new bitset for that reader. With the new non- 
bit set filter implementations this could be even more memory  
efficient since the bitsets would not need to be combined into a  
single bitset.

With the previous work on "reopen" so that segments are reused, this  
would allow filters to be far more useful in a highly interactive  

What do you think?

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