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From robert engels <>
Subject Re: Memory Leak IndexSearcher
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 14:57:29 GMT
You may not have a memory leak at all. It could just be garbage  
waiting to be collected. I am fairly certain there are no "memory  
leaks" in the current Lucene code base (outside of the ThreadLocal  

A simple way to verify this would be to add -Xmx16m on the command  
line. If there were a memory leak then it will eventually fail with  
an OOM.

If there is a memory leak, then it is probably because your code is  
holding on to IndexReader references in some static var or map.

On Jul 3, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Bruno Vieira wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am working on a project with around 35000 documents (8 text  
> fields with
> 256 chars at most for each field) on lucene. But unfortunately this  
> index is
> updated at every moment and I need that these new items be in the  
> results of
> my search as fast as possible.
> I have an IndexSearcher, then I do a search getting the last 10  
> results with
> ordering by a name field and the memory allocated is 13mb, I close the
> IndexSearcher because the lucene database was updated by and external
> application and I create a new IndexSearcher, do the same search again
> wanting to get the last 10 results with ordering by a name field  
> and the
> memory allocated is 15mb. At every time I do this cycle the memory  
> increase
> in 2mb, so in a moment I have a memory leak.
> If the database is not updated and i do not create a new  
> IndexSearcher i can
> do searches forever without memory leak.
> Why when I close an IndexSearcher (indexSearcher.close();  
> indexSearcher =
> new IndexSearcher("/database/") ;)after some searches with ordering  
> and open
> a new one the memory is not free ?
> Thanks to any suggestions.

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