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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: Global field semantics
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 03:51:08 GMT
karl wettin wrote on 07/08/2006 12:27 PM:
> On Sat, 2006-07-08 at 11:08 -0700, Chuck Williams wrote:
>> Karl, do you have specific reasons or use cases to normalize fields at
>> Document rather than at Index? 
> Nothing more than that the way the API looks it implies features that
> does not exist. Boost, store, index and vectors. I've learned, but I'm
> certain lots of newbies does the same assumptions as I did.

I forgot one of my own use cases!  My app uses term vectors as an
optimization for determining excerpts (aka summaries).  Term vectors
increase the index size.  For large documents, the performance benefits
of using term vectors to find excerpts are large, but for small
documents they are non-existent or negative.  So, to optimize
performance and minimize index size, I store term vectors on the
relevant fields only when their values are sufficiently large.  This is
a concrete example of using the same field name with different
Field.TermVector values on different Documents.

Are there any similar examples for Field.Index or Field.Store?


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