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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Java 1.5 (was ommented: (LUCENE-565) Supporting deleteDocuments in IndexWriter (Code and Performance Results Provided))
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2006 16:41:26 GMT
Chuck Williams wrote:
> I doubt any single contribution will change anyone's mind.  I would like
> to have clarity on the 1.5 decision before deciding whether or not to
> contribute this and other things.  My ParallelWriter contribution, which
> also requires 1.5, is already sitting in jira.

Sitting in Jira is better than not sitting in Jira, no?

> I only work in 1.5 and use its features extensively.  I don't think
> about 1.4 at all, and so have no idea how heavily dependent the code in
> question is on 1.5.
> Unfortunately, I won't be able to contribute anything substantial to
> Lucene so long as it has a 1.4 requirement.

The 1.5 decision requires a consensus.  You're making ultimatums, which
does not help to build consensus.  By stating an inflexible position
you've become a fact that informs the process.

I think we should try to minimize the number of inconvenienced people.
Both developers and users are people.  Some developers are happy to
continue in 1.4, adding new features that users who are confined to 1.4
JVMs will be able to use.  Other developers will only contribute 1.5
code, perhaps (unless we find a technical workaround) excluding users
confined to 1.4 JVMs.  But it is difficult to compare the inconvenience
of a developer who refuses to code back-compatibly to a user who is 
deprived new features.

Since GCJ is effectively available on all platforms, we could say that 
we will start accepting 1.5 features when a GCJ release supports those 
features.  Does that seem reasonable?


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