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From karl wettin <>
Subject [att: pmc] [off topic] ezmlm and reply-to
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 18:13:24 GMT
It seems as the list does not change mail header reply-to when set by
user, so in many cases I reply to users instead of the list. Perhaps it
is an intended feature, a user requesting a reply-all. Personally I find
it quite annoying, forcing me to send the message twice.

Maybe I should learn to use the reply-all button, but perhaps it could
be worth to consider asking the admin to reconfigure.

9.8 Setting ``Reply-To: list@host''.
This is not recommended, since it leads to dissemination via the list of
messages returned from bad auto-responders and MTAs. Also, it may lead
to public replies to the list where personal replies were intended. In
addition, the original ``Reply-To:'' header is lost. If you do want to
add a reply-to list header, put ``reply-to'' into DIR/headerremove, and
``Reply-To: list@host.dom'' into DIR/headeradd.

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