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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: using lucene Lock inter-jvm
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 06:41:53 GMT

: I think the best course of action here is:
:   * Let's first try to get the patches in LUCENE-305 updated to
:     current HEAD sources and then committed?  This can be done
:     independent of native locks, by having the current locking
:     implementation be the default Lock class for starters.
:   * Next, create a native locking class that extends Lock.  Borrow /
:     copy / be inspired from the examples above (and also from Hadoop /
:     Jackrabbit and others).  Try to resolve other issues (the
:     starvation issue above; using wait/notify instead of sleep /
:     poll).  Add this to core or contrib, and at some point make it the
:     default Lock implementation for FSDirectory.

Your plan sounds good to me, but i'm not really a Threading/Locking

: Does that sound right?  If so, how to nudge this forward?  There was
: thread recently on voting for bugs to fix.  I vote +1 for LUCENE-305!

Just to clarify: Jira has a built in voting mechanism.  Anyone can create
a Jira account, load up an issue, and then click the "Vote for it" link in
the left nav.  This automagically causes it to show up on the "Popular
Issues" page for the project...


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