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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Results (Re: Survey: Lucene and Java 1.4 vs. 1.5)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 18:19:53 GMT
Robert Engels wrote:
> I have another idea.
> Why don't we just let the voted committers decide amongst themselves.

If push comes to shove, this decision will be made by consensus of the 
Lucene PMC.  Any member of the PMC can veto any change to the code.

As a member of the PMC, I presently find the arguments of those who'd 
like to keep the Lucene core in 1.4 more compelling, although I don't 
know yet whether I'd use my veto power.

In the history of Lucene we've rarely had to even resort to voting to 
make code decisions, and I don't think anyone has ever vetoed anything. 
  It would be best if we could come to an agreement here without 
alienating anyone and without resorting to vetoes.

For this to happen, we all need to try hard to understand the concerns 
of others.  Some folks reasonably want to use the latest features of 
Lucene but also have constraints about what Java version their users can 
use.  Developers whose users are not so constrained want to be able to 
use the latest features of Java.  I think the inconvenience to the 
former (lack of user access to new Lucene features) affects more folks 
than that to the latter (lack of developer access to new Java features). 
  In the end, we develop Lucene for users, no?  We obviously can't 
always please all of them, but this isn't a user-versus-user issue, but 
rather a user-versus-developer issue, where we, the developers, have all 
the power.  We have the power to be kind and thoughtful, or to be selfish.


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