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From DM Smith <>
Subject Re: Results (Re: Survey: Lucene and Java 1.4 vs. 1.5)
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:24:15 GMT

On Jun 20, 2006, at 5:21 PM, Yonik Seeley wrote:

> On 6/20/06, DM Smith <> wrote:
>> > In any case, there is still GCJ too.  If GCJ supported 1.5, and we
>> > could make a 1.4 library with Retrotranslator, that should cover  
>> most
>> > users, right?
>> If I am not mistaken: future support for 1.5 in gcj is ambiguous  
>> and/or will
>> be incomplete.
> You don't use GCJ right?

Correct. We couldn't because of our use of Swing. It appears that it  
is sufficiently far along that it is worth trying again. The problem  
we have is trying to explain to users how to install java in order to  
get our application to work. If we could redistribute java as a  
seamless part of our application we would.

We are planning to migrate from Swing to Eclipse's RCP/JFace/SWT and  
then we can and would use GCJ. If Lucene goes to Java 5, we will need  
to re-examine those plans.

> GCJ is currently incomplete, and needs patches to get it to work with
> lucene (and lucene committers have accepted patches to ease this
> porting in the past).  GCJ support in Lucene isn't  as much for the
> end-user IMO, but for developers who maintain other Lucene ports.
> Time will tell how good the Java5 support is for GCJ.  Hopefully less
> time rather than more ;-)
> -Yonik
> Solr, the open-source Lucene  
> search server
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