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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Java 1.5
Date Mon, 29 May 2006 21:18:44 GMT

: Boy, I'd sure like to see at least one bug-fix release for 2.0
: maintain java 1.4 compatibility.  Would that be 2.1?

: Could be 2.0.*.  I think that is what Hoss was saying, too.

Yes, that was my point ... as far as i can tell, Lucene bug fix releases
have historically been at the "third level" of the release number: 1.4.1,
1.4.2, and 1.4.3 were all bug fixes on the 1.4 release branch.  1.9.1 was
a bug fix on the 1.9 release branch.

I'm suggesting there may be any number of 2.0.X bug fixing releases on the
2.0 branch which will all be java1.4 compatible.

Depending on how long it is untill the first 2.1 release (which will
likely depend on how many major API changes and/or big refactoring patches
people push for) there *may* even be some 2.0.X releases containing
new features (it all depends on wether new features come along that people
are eager for without wanting to wait for 2.1, and wether those features
will be easy to port from the HEAD to the 2.0 branch).  these 2.0.X
releases may include new/improved contrib modules, which may require
java1.5 (or even java1.6 if we're still producing 2.0.X releases when it
comes out) even though the lucene core of the 2.0.X release will still
work with java1.4.

Once the first 2.1 release comes out, it may require java1.5; even
if it doesn't contrib modules in that release may require java1.5, or
java1.6, or any other version of jva that may exist at that time.

: > I would ammend that proposal slightly...
: >
: > 1a) Lucene Core 2.0.* releases garuntee java1.4 compatibility
: > 1b) Lucene Contrib modules in 2.0.* releases are free to require any java
: >     version they choose.
: >
: > 2a) Lucene Core 2.1.* release garuntee java1.5 compatibility.
: > 2b) Lucene Contrib modules in 2.1.* releases are free to require any java
: >     version they choose.
: >
: > -Hoss
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