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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: hit.getBoost() ?
Date Sun, 28 May 2006 01:13:30 GMT

: I've been looking over the Hit class, and I notice that there's a
: getBoost() method.

That thing is crazy ... how was that ever intended to work?

: Maybe I'm missing something, but unless the user directly manipulates
: the underlying Document object I think this will always return 1.

I don't know if they'll return 1, but you are correct that the value is
meaningless unless the user sets it themselves...

  Note: This value is not stored directly with the document in the index.
  Documents returned from IndexReader.document(int) and Hits.doc(int) may
  thus not have the same value present as when this document was indexed.

: Should this method be deprecated?

+1 with a big fat "this method is meaningless and always has been."


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