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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Explaining a filter; Scorer extending Matcher;
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 18:05:38 GMT

: I'll repeat the DocIterator from that thread:
:      public interface DocIterator {
:          public int doc();
:          public boolean next();
:          public boolean skipTo(int target);
:      }
: to come to my question: should that interface should also have an
: explain(int docNr) method?
: When so, it does more than iterating, so it might even be called Matcher.
: Or would both DocIterator and Matcher be useful?

that's a damn fine question, and the most opinionated answer i can give,
is "i don't know".

Setting aside for the moment discussion about refactoring a common
interface used for both scoring and filtering, Let me raise some seemingly
unrelated questions:
   1) Does it make sense from an API perspective for both Weight and Scorer
      to have explain methods (ignore migration issues that might be
      involved in making the change naow, imagine if we were starting from
      scratch) ?
   2) Should Weight.explain(IndexReader,doc) allways call scorer(reader).explain(doc)?
   3) Should Weight.explain be deprecated in favor of usage in #2
   4) should Scorer.explain be removed, and Weights that want to delegate
      to their Scorer can do so if-and-only-if the Scorer class they use
      specificaly declares the method (as oppose to now where many Scorer
      implimentations throw UnsupportedOperationException when they expect
      their corrisponding Weight to take care of it my optinion, the answers to those questions should drive any
question of wether a "Matcher" API which is intended to be
implimented/superclass of Scorer should contain an explain method.  And
assuming the idea of being able to "explain" Filter's appeal to people,
then should the Filter API have an explain method ala Weight, or should
the Matcher returned by Filter.getMatcher(IndexReader) have an explain

I honestly don't know.

: I don't know whether interfaces or abstract classes would be better for this.

At this point ... i think many interface/abstract-class decissiosn in
Lucene have to be based more on the migration path of least change
then by any sense of correct design principles.


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