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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Multiple threads searching in Lucene and the synchronized issue. -- solution attached.
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 05:51:14 GMT

: I think you could use a volatile primitive boolean to control whether or not
: the index needs to be read, and also mark the index data volatile and it
: But as stated, I don't think the performance difference is worth it.

My understanding is:
  1) volatile will only help as of java 1.5 ... lucene targets 1.4
  2) in 1.5, volatile is basically just as expensive as synchronized.

: I met these problem before indeed.The compiler did something optimized for
: me that was bad for me when I see the byte-codes.
:  When I'm using a function local variable, m_indexTerms and in JDK1.5.06, it
: seems ok.
: Whether it will break in other environments, I still don't know about it.

The dangerous thing is that even if the byte code looks okay, and if it
works okay today, your app could run for a while and then all of the
sudden it could stop working because of the order the threads are run, or
becuase of an optimization the JVM applies on the fly.


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