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From "Robert Engels" <>
Subject RE: Taking a step back
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 15:02:07 GMT
I agree with almost all of what you said.

The file format issue whoever is a non-issue. If you want interoperability
between systems do it via remote invocation and IIOP, or some HTTP
interface. This is far more easier to control, especially through version
change cycles - otherwise all platforms need to be updated together - which
is very hard to do (unless you are using Java with WORA !).

I also don't understand why Lucene doesn't focus on being THE JAVA search
engine. Anything I think that detracts that from moving forward should be
out of scope.

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From: Grant Ingersoll []
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 6:06 AM
To: Lucene Developer's List
Subject: Taking a step back

Is it just me or do we have a whole bunch of people proposing a whole
bunch of fairly broad changes to Lucene? (I know, I know, they should
always be backward compatible)  Might this warrant some
coordination/planning?  I know things are mostly done in an ad-hoc way
(whoever submits a patch), but I think we may all be better served by
some coordination beyond what takes place on the mailing list.  I see
some pieces here and there that would benefit from common code, etc.

As I see it, we have several people proposing file format changes, Otis
and some others want scoring changes, I have discussed with a few people
the ability to make more pluggable how fields are indexed plus the
ability to add metadata at all levels of the index (field, document,
index, etc.), more to come on this soon.  Additionally, the lazy loading
field stuff is pending and would benefit from a few file format changes
as well

Additionally, we can't just think of the Java version anymore,
especially when it comes to file formats, I don't think.  Should we,
perhaps, setup a top-level wiki-style planning place?  Would this be
useful?  I don't think it replaces the good discussions on this list, I
just think it could give potential contributors a much easier way of
finding how to help, plus set a (albeit loose) plan for the future of
Lucene beyond what is captured in snippets of email here and there.

Just my two cents,

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