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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Java 1.5
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 21:52:20 GMT

On 31/05/2006, at 7:45 AM, Robert Engels wrote:

> Log4j can be configured to use delegate to the standard 1.5  
> logging. In fact
> this is preferred so you have STANDARDIZED logging support (and not a
> different logger for every library).
> All NEW code should use the 1.5 logging for simplicity of  
> configuration and
> for future ease of integration.

Now, first off, I'm a log4j developer, so thought I'd state that up  

Java's own logging is 'ok', it does a job, but is no way close to the  
production quality sort of control over logging that you really need.

I would recommend you do not bind yourself to the Java logging, but  
decide between JCL or log4j itself.  I have a distinct anti-JCL  
feeling because of classloader hell issues in the past, but I  
understand the latest version is a lot better, and many Apache  
projects are already linked against it.

Before you make any decision, I'd sit down and plan what events  
you'll actually want to log and at what level.  Good planning will  
make the Lucene library very useful.  You can then decide how you're  
going to log them.


Paul Smith
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