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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Java 1.5
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 18:36:19 GMT
Robert Engels wrote:
> I just don't understand why a "few' voices can hold back progress. These
> "few" can just run older versions of Lucene. 1.5 has been released for
> almost 4 years on most major platforms. Not using 1.5 for such a high
> profile project is absurd.

The fact that this has generated so much discussion as ample indication 
that it is not an open-and-shut, clearcut issue.  There are reasonable 
people, valued members of the Lucene community, who would much prefer 
that Lucene's core development not require Java 1.5.  We should respect 
these folks, even if they are a minority (and even that is not yet 
clear).  This is a significant move and we should undertake it 
thoughtfully.  We should avoid alienating our colleagues.

Lucene, a library with no dependencies beyond the JVM, is at the end of 
most dependency chains.  Thus it is reasonable for it to move slowly and 
predictably, since many things depend on it.  In the past, have learned 
the hard way that introducing incompatible changes, while seeming 
expedient at the time, usually wastes more time long-term, in order to 
clear up the confusion.  So let's all be patient as we work this out.

There seems to be a consensus that 1.5 features are acceptable in 
contrib modules.  Contrib modules are also a good starting place for new 
Lucene features, which might be subsequently moved to the core.  So 
let's certainly get started there and see how it goes.


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