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From DM Smith <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Java 1.5
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 16:27:35 GMT
Robert Engels wrote:
> If you can control them to run 1.4, you can probably control them to run
> 1.5.

I cannot control my application's users to run Java 1.4. We moved from 
Java 1.3 to Java 1.4 only after all platforms our users were running had 
a Java 1.4 jvm available. We did make a conscious decision to continue 
support for platforms that our application actually ran on and not to 
worry about platforms on which our software did not actually run.

> Any performance gains offered by 2.1 would pale in comparison to your user's
> upgrading their machines. If not, they stick with 2.0 based Lucene, and run
> it under 1.4

That's fine if 2.0 is being actively supported with regard to bug fixes 
that are found after 2.1 is released. That is will the Lucene committers 
allow contributions of bug fix patches against a 2.0 maintenance branch?

> Why don't your users run MS-DOS? It would be the fastest on their machines?
> They don't because it is impractical. It is also impractical to continue to
> develop software against 1.4 when Sun does not actively support it (they
> don't fix bugs in it), so the code in Lucene becomes "unclean" when we need
> to add "fixes" for JDK issues which are already fixed in a later JVM.

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