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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: Fwd: How to combine results from several indices
Date Sun, 21 May 2006 17:43:55 GMT

wu fox wrote on 05/21/2006 03:02 AM:
> I have several indices and each index describe part of a document.
> For example ,a index contains dublin core information of a document,
> and another index contains some classification information of the same
> document. If I have a query "title:lucene AND classification:project",
> First how can I adjust the query so that I can search title on the
> first index and classification on the second index. Second each doc of
> search results contains a field "uuid",so I need to combine the docs
> of the two search results which contain the same uuid. The final
> result contains docs satisfy the original query. Can anybody help me?

If your indices meet the constraints of ParallelReader then that could
be your answer. You can only use this if the doc-id's in the different
indices are maintained such that documents with the same uuid always
have the same doc-id. This is trickier than it might sound. E.g., if you
have multi-threaded writes or deletes, they need to be synchronized
properly. Also, if you get an error updating one of the indices after
having updated another for the same new doc, you have to recover
properly. If you can manage these issues in your app, then
ParallelReader does exactly what you want.


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