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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: storing term text internally as byte array and bytecount as prefix, etc.
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 02:33:07 GMT
Could someone summarize succinctly why it is considered a major issue
that Lucene uses the Java modified UTF-8 encoding within its index
rather than the standard UTF-8 encoding.  Is the only concern
compatibility with index formats in other Lucene variants?  The API to
the values is a String, which uses Java's char representation, so I'm
confused why the encoding in the index is so important.

One possible benefit of a standard UTF-8 index encoding would be
streaming content into and out of the index with no copying or
conversions.  This relates to the lazy field loading mechanism.

Thanks for any clarification,


jian chen wrote on 05/01/2006 04:24 PM:
> Hi, Marvin,
> Thanks for your quick response. I am in the camp of fearless refactoring,
> even at the expense of breaking compatibility with previous releases. ;-)
> Compatibility aside, I am trying to identify if changing the
> implementation
> of Term is the right way to go for this problem.
> If it is, I think it would be worthwhile rather than putting band-aid
> on the
> existing API.
> Cheers,
> Jian
> Changing the implementation of Term
>> would have a very broad impact; I'd look for other ways to go about
>> it first.  But I'm not an expert on SegmentMerger, as KinoSearch
>> doesn't use the same technique for merging.
>> My plan was to first submit a patch that made the change to the file
>> format but didn't touch SegmentMerger, then attack SegmentMerger and
>> also see if other developers could suggest optimizations.
>> However, I have an awful lot on my plate right now, and I basically
>> get paid to do KinoSearch-related work, but not Lucene-related work.
>> It's hard for me to break out the time to do the java coding,
>> especially since I don't have that much experience with java and I'm
>> slow.  I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to get back to those
>> bytecount patches.
>> Marvin Humphrey
>> Rectangular Research

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