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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Lucene and Java 1.5
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 15:00:52 GMT
Here we go, monster thread.  Some responses inline.

----- Original Message ----
From: DM Smith <>

Please don't move to Java 5.

My reasons are simple (and some perhaps stem out of old information or 
    MacOS 9 does not run Java 1.5, which is one of my target platforms. 

OG: I don't think this is a good reason to hold back, though.  MacOS 9 is ancient!  There
will always be somebody using an old OS who will not be able to run new code.

Has Java 5 been ported to all target platforms?

OG: There will always be some platforms that don't support newer versions of any software.
 It sounds like you should stick to 2.0.  Don't worry, 2.0.* will remain current, the latest
and greatest Lucene for at least another 6 months (guessing based on past release schedules).

    Java 5 has nice syntax sugar but no real substance other than the 
stronger type checking.
        (My opinion based on porting to Java 5 and then back to Java 1.4.2.)
    Not all support tooling (e.g. java2html, checkstyle, findbugs, ...) 
supports Java 5 syntax. This reduces my ability to qa code using these 

OG: I agree with that.  That means that sw will either need to support new syntax, or it will
die off, and better, more up to date software will replace it.

    Java 5 moves lucene away from the possibility of ever working on J2ME.

OG: Just use 2.0.*.  By the time we have Lucene 2.1 J2ME may evolve.

    Java 5 moves away from running on an open source java, e.g. gjc.

OG: same as J2ME.

    The performance benefits of a Java 5 JVM are independent of Java 5 
    Going to Java 5 requires all applications using Lucene to upgrade to 
Java 5.

OG: No, only those wanting Lucene 2.1.  All those who don't want or can't upgrade to 1.5 will
just keep using Lucene 2.0.

Sure Java 5 has been out for a while and Java 6 is around the corner, 
but ask yourself why it is not the defacto standard version of Java.

OG: It's not? :)  I think that depends who you ask.

OG: Karl, you are a troublemaker.  See what can of worms you've opened! :)


karl wettin wrote:
> Will code with 1.5 syntax be committed?

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