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Subject Re: J2ME (was: Vector)
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 08:21:37 GMT

That was part of a project. During the time I was working on, there were
plans to make it publicly available. I don't know what happened after I

Well, in the simplest sense there are three steps to follow:
  -Remove double/float numbers, replace them by functions that would be
performed by the library I mentioned before (There is also one library
in, it might be the same though).
  -Replace all non-J2ME classes, with their equivalent ones (either with
Vector/Hashtable or your own)
    As far as remember, there is no file operations in MIDP 2.0. You may
want to check that out. So you can't write an index to the file
system, cause there is no file system API! The trick is to write
Lucene index files to the DB provided (RMS).

  -Check whether the replaced class methods are performing exactly the
same operations as previously.

Having said that, I suspect the effort is not worthwhile, unless you are
in a hurry to develop a product or something (see JSR-62 on Personal
Profile, which is finished and communicator type devices such as p900/p910
9500 do have the profile). In addition, MIDP 3.0 is in progress, nobody
knows what's coming out, it's kind of unstable at the moment.


> On Sun, 2006-05-07 at 12:55 +0100, wrote:
>> > Some what off topic, but I've started looking in to porting Lucene to
>> > J2ME (that leaves me with only pre-JCF collections and no floats). I
>> > have absolutely no idea what to use it for, but imagine something in
>> the
>> > lines of distributed collaborate filtering could be fun.
>> We have done this two years ago, for Lucene 1.2.
> I would love to take a look at the code if it is availabe.
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