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From karl wettin <>
Subject more field advocacy
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 10:00:09 GMT
The TermFreqVector.getTermFrequencies always return the same value as
TermDocs.freq, even if a field was set not to be added to the term
frequency vector. 

Is this really the way it should be? It makes the fields even more
confusing than my prior post on the subject. 

doc.add(new Field("foo", "bar", Store.NO, Index.TOKENIZED,
doc.add(new Field("foo", "bar", Store.NO, Index.TOKENIZED,

Vector frequency of [foo, bar] is 2. I would expect it to be 1 or a
field setting inconsistency warning.

Perhaps this is true also with Store and Index? I'll have to take a look
at that.

I'm OK with the settings being by field name, but the current design
really don't imply that. It implies multidimensional settings, one per
instance of Field. And that could be a nice thing to have.

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