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From "JMA" <>
Subject Breaking up text in fields or aggregate fields idea or field inheritance
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 09:00:04 GMT


I am struggling with the following.  Say I want to use Lucene to search a
corporate phone book where I have workers from a database:

John Douglas
Davis Raymond

My first thought was to create a field called workers and put all the names
in it:

worker: john douglas davis raymond

This works ok except now a search for "douglas davis" returns a hit, when no
such person exists. So to fix, create a workers field for every person:

worker: john douglas
worker: davis raymond

Ok all set, because I can just prepend "worker:" to any search.  But now say
I want to add a new category called 'manager':

Mark Smith
Pearson Jones

I can do the same thing, but now I have two field types, and the search
input is getting more complex.  All I want to do is have one big field with
a separator where I need it:

content: john douglas \n davis raymond \n mark smith \n pearson jones

But when I try this, the "\n" character is treated as a space, so phrase
searches find people that do not exist.  Now I think I can make a custom
filter to fix this, but is there an easy way to do this?  Is there a
puncuation character that 'splits' text to avoid phrase search hits?  Is
there an 'aggregate field' or 'field inheritance' function, such as

Thanks in advance,

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