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From karl wettin <>
Subject NearSpan
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 15:48:17 GMT
I don't understand what it means when this exception is thrown. I'm  
quite certain that it is my skipTo(target)-code that causes it , but  
I don't understand why. The FIXME and error message makes me think it  
might be that I deliver the data ordered and it was not expected to be?

private boolean firstNonOrderedNextToPartialList() throws IOException {
     /* Creates a partial list consisting of first non ordered and  
      * Returns first non ordered .next().
     last = first = null;
     int orderedIndex = 0;
     while ( != null) {
       SpansCell cell = (SpansCell)queue.pop();
       if (cell.index == orderedIndex) {
       } else {
         // FIXME: continue here, rename to eg. checkOrderedMatch():
         // when checkSlop() and not ordered, repeat
         // when checkSlop() and ordered, add to list and repeat  
         // without checkSlop(): no match, rebuild the queue from the  
partial list.
         // When queue is empty and checkSlop() and ordered there is  
a match.
     throw new RuntimeException("Unexpected: ordered");

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