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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: boosting fields
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 00:15:55 GMT

25 apr 2006 kl. 19.34 skrev Doug Cutting:

> karl wettin wrote:
>> This could lead me to believe I can use different boost for  
>> fields  with the same name within one document.
> You can.  The values are multiplied to produce the final boost  
> value for the field.  This is described in:
> Field.html#setBoost(float)

It's not really the same thing as I tried to describe though. In the  
end it is the same boost for all field values. I would personally  
prefer to set that manually per unique field name. I have a hard time  
to figure out why I want to add multiple boosts and then normalise  
them. Is there some feature I missed?

>> How about refactoring fields to something like:
>> [Document](fieldName)<#>---- {0..1} ->[Field +boost]<#>---- {0..*}
>> -> [FieldValue +store +index +termVector]
> That would be a big, incompatible change to one of Lucene's primary  
> APIs, no?

Not if I got it right in my head. Then it's really just a matter of  
handling deprication. The field-methods in Document could be the same.

> Long-term, an API which supports per token boosting will probably  
> prove useful, as a part of #11 on 
> lucene/Lucene2Whiteboard.  When this happens it would probably be  
> worth considering making the change you suggest, but I'm not sure  
> it would be worth it before that.

I've wanted that feature a few times. Let me know if there is  
something I can do to help when the time is right.

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