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From Charlie <>
Subject when and how to use GCJIndexInput, GCJDirectory
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 22:31:37 GMT

Would you please shed some light on when and how to use GCJIndexInput,
GCJDirectory? And demo, test actually use them?

Even Doug has one line comment below, but I hardly can figure out any

/** Native file-based {@link IndexInput} implementation, using GCJ.
 * @author Doug Cutting
public class GCJIndexInput extends IndexInput { }

public class GCJDirectory extends FSDirectory { }

It looks fine to compile those GCJ files using
libgcj-3.4.5.jar in Jbuilder, but will it causing issues for bypassing
Makefile,, (as this compilation does
not use ant.)

I am quite confused fundamentally by the purpose of those
GCJ files when try to understand the lucene implementation.

Your explanation is highly appreciated.


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