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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: version issue ?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 19:06:35 GMT
Andi Vajda wrote:
> It would seem to me that the source code snapshot that is made to 
> release 'official' source and binary tarballs on the Lucene website 
> should correspond to a precise svn version

It does correspond to a precise SVN version, but what we prefer is a 
tag.  The tag for 1.9-final is:

Tags should never be revised.  If you're paranoid, then you could also 
note the revision of this tag, which is 381437.

> and that that version's 
> common-build.xml should reflect the release number, ie 1.9 or 1.9-final 
> in its "version" property.

Here's where things are murky.  I don't like it if what folks build 
themselves is easily confused with a released build.  So the version in 
the common-build.xml should not be "1.9" or "1.9-final" but something 
else.  But what?  1.9-dev?  1.9.1-dev?  1.9.1-rc1-dev?  Classically 
we've used the -dev suffix to distinguish non-release builds.  Can you 
suggest something bette

> If the 1.9 branch were to be modified for making, say, a 1.9.1 release, 
> the first change should be in common-build.xml for the version to say 
> something like 1.9.1-rc1-dev.


> What is the use case here ?

The use case is folks downloading the source, tweaking things, and 
building things themselves.  If they're not going to tweak things, 
there's no need to build things themselves.  This is not like C code, 
where folks frequently need to build releases on different platforms. 
The predominant reason folks build Lucene is because they want to tweak 
it.  And once it is tweaked, it is no longer a released version.

> It is no problem for me to patch common-build.xml for the 1.9-final 
> release of PyLucene from Java Lucene, made from the lucene_1_9 branch, 
> and then revert back to the trunk, without the patch, for the future 
> ongoing 2.0 dev builds and PyLucene releases.

There's no need to patch: you can simply run 'ant -Dversion=XXX'.


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