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From mark harwood <>
Subject Re: Lazy Field Loading
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 13:10:07 GMT
I'd prefer option 4.
Users should expect to provide some form of guidance 
to the engine about how they are going to access the
data if it is expected to be retrieved efficiently.

Preferably this choice of field loading policy should
NOT be "baked in" at index time because index access
patterns can vary (ruling out options 1 and 3)

I think option 4, the reader.document(int docid,
String[]fields) approach is a reasonable option and is
analogous to the "select a,b" part of a SQL statement.

It seems to be the most flexible and is not likely to
be seen as an unnecessary burden by end users familiar
with SQL. We should also have a "select *" equivalent
for those uninterested in being selective.

I suspect your option "2" (all fields are implicitly
lazy) could have a hard time second-guessing how
people are accessing the docs?


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