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From eks dev <>
Subject Re: Filter
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 08:55:43 GMT
It looks to me everybody agrees here, not? If yes, it
would be really usefull if somebody with commit rights
could add 1) and 2) to the trunk (these patches
practically allready exist).

It is not invasive change and there are no problems
with compatibility. Also, I have noticed a lot of
people trying to "hack in" better Filter support using
Pauls Patches from JIRA. 

That would open a window for some smart code to get
commited into Lucene core. 

Just have a look at Filtering support in Solr,
beautiful, but unfortunately also "hacked" just to
overcome BitSet on Filter. 

--- Chris Hostetter <> wrote:

>   1) commit DocNrSkipper interface to the core code
> base
>   2) add the following method declaration to the
> Filter class...
>         public DocNrSkipper getSkipper(IndexReader)
> throws IOException
>      ...impliment this method by calling bits, and
> returning an instance
>      of BitSetSortedIntList
>   3) indicate that Filter.bits() is deprecated.
>   4) change all existing calls to Filter.bits() in
> the core lucene code
>      base to call Filter.getSkipper and do whatever
> iterating is
>      neccessary.
>   5) gradually reimpliment all of the concrete
> instances of Filter in
>      the core lucene code base so they override the
> getSkipper method
>      with something that returns a more "iterator"
> style DocNrSkipper,
>      and impliment their bits() method to use the
> DocNrSkipper from the
>      new getSkipper() method to build up the bit set
> if clients call it
>      directly.
>   6) wait a suitable amount of time.
>   7) remove Filter.bits() and all of the concrete
> implimentations from the
>      lucene core.
> -Hoss

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