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From Terry Steichen <>
Subject Re: Lucene 1.9 RC1 release available
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 04:09:48 GMT
1) Having a simple way to match singular and plural forms of a term with 
a single wildcard expression is quite useful.
2) The trailing '?' behavior has been present since that wildcard was 
first introduced.  Why not provide a flag to allow the original behavior 
to optionally be preserved?
3) The fact that virtually no one objected to the original behavior 
suggests that few if any were confused by it.

Chris Hostetter wrote:

>: In either case, what I'm arguing is that the current behavior makes more
>: sense in the real world of query expressions (that is, makes the most
>: common query expressions simpler), so why not continue it?
>I disagree with that statment.  People familiar with shell globing are
>going to be confused if "riot??????????????????????" matches "riot" and

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