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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject Re: "Advanced" query language
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 02:57:22 GMT
Just as a clarification, human-readable strings for queries are
essential for how we do things at CNET.

In addition to Mark's comments:
- standard logging mechanisms such as the access log of a app server
are readable
- easily human typable one-off queries during development and for
troubleshooting + support are essential.
- the speed at which a query can be parsed is important... in some
systems, it's part of the transfer syntax from client to server and is
an integral part of the system (again, analogy to SQL).

That doesn't mean I fully support the XML idea, nor am I ready to
abandon the current query syntax.  I have contemplated XML in the past
as a way to support templating of queries... a way for a user to say,
when someone queries field "x", expand this to this type of
arbitrarily comples query involving fields a,s,d,f.  There might be a
place for both LXQ (Lucene XML Query?) and the current query syntax.

My (very long) todo list has support for DisjunctionMax and
minNrShouldMatch on it, and I have worked in JavaCC in the past (an
ASN.1 compiler, circa 1998).  No timeline promises though.  Also need
to look closer at Paul's surround query language... I looked very
briefly, but not enough to "get" it.

It would be nice to resolve/fix the whole "JavaCC using an exception
for flow control" issue too.


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