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From Wolfgang Hoschek <>
Subject Re: "Advanced" query language
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 03:14:40 GMT
> Hopefully that makes sense to someone besides just me.  It's  
> certainly a
> lot more complexity then a simple one to one mapping, but it seems  
> to me
> like the flexability is worth spending the extra time to design/ 
> build it.

Makes perfect sense to me, and it doesn't seem any more complex than  
what's been proposed before. Actually, this may be a quite  
straightforward, compact and extensible way of doing it all.

Though, I'd be careful with proposing a variety of equivalent  
syntaxes as it may easily lead to more confusion than good. Let's  
start with one canonical syntax. If desired, other (more pleasant)  
syntaxes may then be converted to that as part of a preprocessing step.


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